ISVAEFR2022 will be held at Faculty of science ,University 20 Août 1955 .October 18, 19 & 20, 2022
  • TITLE OF COMMUNICATION: Centered and single-spaced. Times New Roman, Uppercase and Bold, Font=14.
  • The first name (1st letter in capitals) and the name (in capitals) of each co-author must be fully written and not in abbreviation (Messaoud LAIB and not M. LAIB) and they are followed by the reference of his affiliation (ex: a or b).
  • The list of co-authors must be Centered, Times New Roman, in Bold, Font = 12. and underline the presenter

a: 1st Author(s) Affiliation (Times New Roman 11, centered, italics)

b: 2nd Affiliation author(s)

Communicator's email

  • ABSTRACT: The word Abstract is written in Bold, the 1st letter of the word is in Uppercase. The text of the abstract should not exceed 15 lines. Abstract text should be aligned, Times New Roman, Normal, Font=12.
  • KEYWORDS: The title of the Keywords (1st Letter in Capital) is in Bold. The list of six keywords at most is written in Times New Roman, Normal, Font=12.


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