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The best communications will be published in: Algerian Journal of Health Sciences (AJHS).

ISVAEFR2022 will be held at Faculty of science ,University 20 Août 1955 .October 18, 19 & 20, 2022


The Department of Agricultural Sciences & The Laboratory for the Optimization of Agricultural Production in Sub-humid Zones (LOPAZS) organize the International Seminar on Valorization of Agronomic, Ecological and Food Resources (ISVAEFR2022) ,Skikda, October 18, 19 & 20, 2022.


Natural resources are assets which man takes from nature and which he routinely uses for the improvement of living conditions. Currently the unbridled taking of the natural resources of the planet poses a great problem endangering the balance of the latter.
Man has unfortunately broken the balance made of nearly four billion years of evolution of the Earth in a few decades.
The price to pay is heavy because now, the future of humanity and that of the planet are threatened by the disproportionate  overexploitation of natural resources; what counts today is not what we have lost but what remains to humanity as natural resources. Natural resources are a factor of economic development useful to men who take them to build themselves, but they also represent a
conservatory for the planet. Faced with this observation, alerts for awareness therefore lead humanity to realize that it is in the process of
exhausting what has been offered to it by nature, and thereby even breaking its cycle of life.
The importance of organizing this scientific event is raising awareness and developing solutions to the various issues relating to the exploitation of bio-resources, as well as highlighting the role of technological innovations and the advancement of scientific research in the fields of biology,agronomy and ecology. And this, through the debate between university researchers,industrialists, local authorities, involved in the management of said resources and food safety and biotechnology.


 - Exchange and dissemination of knowledge with a view to better valorization of the results of scientific research;

- Conservation and enhancement of bio- resources of economic and industrial interest.

- Promote scientific research with a view to the emergence of a bio-economy, based on the application of new valuations of natural resources;

- Sharing knowledge and know-how with scientists, emphasizing the importance and understanding of bio-resource issues;
- Develop solutions to the various issues relating to the impact of the use of bio-resources in order to highlight a sustainable development strategy;
- Establish a framework for consultation and debate between university researchers,industrialists and local authorities involved in the management of various categories of natural resources;
- Bringing together all those interested in the field of inventories and valuation of genetic resources in the various natural and agricultural environments.


Topic 1: Agricultural resources
Topic 2: Ecological Resources
Topic 3: Food resources


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